Saturday, June 20, 2009

Ahhh...Back from a wonderful Camp Trip

Got home last night from 5 wonderous days at Gold Camp at the Lair of the Golden Bear. It was a wonderful Adoptive Family Camp called Camp Always. We grown-ups got a chance to mix, respite, and learn from a wonderful trainer (and a couple of so-so trainers)... The kids each got to be in age appropriate activity groups, and then there were wonderful meals, family pool, craft, and sports time. We had disco bingo, dance party, and campfire nights. Campfires were complete with talent, music, and SMORES! There is nothing like a camp full of wonderful college students to bring an energy and positive enthusiasm to a time like we had. This was our first family vacation since the boys have been with us, and they took to camping and the woods like they were born to it. Sho, got to fulfill a lifetime dream of going fishing one morning. One of the other parents fishes every morning when he is at camp, so he invited Sho to get up at 5am and head down to Pinecrest Lake. They came home with a beautiful trout that the kitchen staff promptly grilled and we ate it for breakfast...mmmmmm!

Well, since we never go away without some kind of hand project in tow...I wanted to let you all know about Craft Hope. They have just put out the word for their 3rd project. They have crafters make something for a particular location with a need and collect all the items at a central location. They just finished a project of making dolls to go to Nicaragua. Now they want to get beanies, booties, and blankies together for an agency in India. Check out their website and see if there isn't a little something you can send their way.

As soon as my camera re-charges there will be a post about my pincushion, my hotpads, and some other wonderful goodies sent in the mail...also, the stash we came home with after stopping at The Quilted Cabin in Oakdale, CA on our way home from camp yesterday!!!

Also, this is my first announcement about doing a swap...I will be hosting a swap for the holiday season for all of us belonging to the tribe! That's right a Chanukah Quilt Swap. I will be posting for sign-ups in early July...tell anyone you know who might be interested.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Be Back Sooner Than I Think...

We are off to family camp in the Sierras...see you all my bloggy friends next week!!!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Busy, busy and then some...

I think sometimes I get craftin' when I am stressed. It really is the best therapy for me. In any case, I have joined yet another swap. Aunt Pitty Pats has a wonderful disappearing 9-patch swap happening. It is a fast turn around, but I am certain we will get some wonderful blocks from this. You can sign up through June 30 but have to have the blocks sent by end of July!

I have completed my pincushion swap and will mail it today, not posting any of it right now as it is a surprise!

I am almost done with my items for the Friends swap, and am pretty happy with the items I have put together. I have a wonderful partner and really hope to make her day!!! Again, no peeking since it is a surprise!
OOps, and one more little thing. I still have one opening in my Pay It Forward. Just email me or click the PIF button on the right for details!!!

Monday, June 1, 2009

Halloween in June?

Jane, our wonderful swap hostess for the Rainbow Swap is at it again!! She is taking signups for the Halloween Spooktacular Swap...check it out!

I am all signed up and ready to go! I will be rummaging around in a belfry for my theme!