Saturday, November 21, 2009

Tis The Season For???

The message above is what I have felt like.
Well, what is it going to be this year?

Will we be living in our bellies and our wallets?

My family, we are striving to live in our hearts during this time of the year. As a Jewish family it can be tricky this time of year. We do celebrate Chanukah, but it does not carry the same weight as the whole Christmas thing does, especially in the wider culture around us.

None the less...we begin with Thanksgiving, spending time outside in appreciation for nature. That is the theme of our long weekend...the more outside the better! At least this way we build up great appetites to go with the wonderful foods of the day.

Chanukah is the 11th through the 19th of December and we will be having fun with our many many Menorahs...By the eigth night of Chanukah...we can heat our home with all the candles that are burning!

We have begun to celebrate Kwanzaa as well, very much as a way to center our hearts on family and gratitude as we go into New Years.

I hope each of you are ready for the holidays and make sure to not get buried under all the preparation and lose time for your families and your own precious hearts.

I have a big favor to ask...

I am looking for great ideas for small quick crafts with fabric to give to teachers and other community helpers this holiday season. Let me know any great patterns or tutorials you know about!

Take care all...