Sunday, March 15, 2009

Weekends Can Really Be Lovely!

Sometimes there is enough time in a day. This weekend make that 2 days.

Quality time with the boys, some much needed work around the yard and in the garage (way to go Sho!), outings to the park on a blustery day and to Family Explorations celebration today at the Museum of Oakland.

Oh, and time to work on some of the projects we are working on. Finishing up a fun little quilt featuring the work of some very "soon - to - be- famous" artists. My friend E. asked me to put together the little 6" squares decorated by the children in her son's preschool.

Sometimes just sashing together some lovely little pieces can make for a simple but elegant looking little quilt! Sho is doing a fab job of quilting it. I love when we can work together on a project, and most of the charity or group quilts we have done we do together.

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jeanne leigh said...

Lovely, and yes I think that would be a great thing to share. How blessed YOU BOTH are!!!!