Monday, April 27, 2009

Great Adventures on a Sunday in Niles!

Well, once again we made it a perfect day for boys and grown-ups alike. Just a short drive from our home is quaint little old town Niles, CA. This was where the silent motion film industry began in California. Charlie Chaplin made many of his first films there. My boys were not really interested in that...instead they went for the TRAIN! This volunteer run organization saves and restores all manner of engines and rail cars and throughout the year offers rides. In the photo, Isaiah got to wear the conductors hat and be in the front car right behind the engine. The whistle was so loud. The conductor said that the Steam engine that was pulling our train was not their fastest...but it WAS the loudest. Isaac wasn't having it...he wanted to sit in the more comfortable passenger car far from such a loud whistle.
Sho was off shopping in a fabulous little quilt shop right on the main street of the historic town and I was sifting through handtowels, napkins, and table runners looking for treasures. The photo above shows a couple of tea towels and a runner I found. I love the little Olive Oil Guy and this will become a fun apron I think. There is a tea towel that was not completed and I will finish this up and love to use it with tea time. Finally, the butterfly table runner will become a block in a quilt. I really love the idea that someone elses love and care carries to me as I use these beautiful handmade pieces.

Finally, we rode to and from the train station on a beautiful restored 1947 transit bus that used to run in San Diego. Why don't we make vehicles this beautiful anymore. All the volunteers and folks of Niles gave us a great day. There is so much to see there including a wonderful tea house that serves formal tea and has a giant selection of hats you can wear while you enjoy tea and goodies. The photo below was our first mother's day after Isaac arrived...we all went to tea. Tell me he doesn't look like a lovely British dowager auntie.

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