Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Spring Time Harvest Festival?

There was nothing that made sense last weekend at the "Harvest Festival". Here it was an almost 90 degree Spring day. We are at the fairgrounds at an arts and crafts fair named "harvest"...and to top it off they are having a Hawaiin theme. Now...what is wrong with the picture above...

Since when were steel drums Hawaiin...they seemed to have their islands mixed up. Bruce and his wonderful steel band were not sure why it was called a harvest festival either. Didn't really see anything fabric or fiber artwise that we loved, but we stimulated our local economy by buying a whole bunch of this wonderful Balsamic Vinegar that is made locally. It is addictive! I got a bottle of Fig Balsamic, a Mandarin Balsamic, and a Black Currant. MMMMMM...try some drizzled on your favorite salad or even better...a baked sweet potato! Works great on cucumber and cherry tomato salad too.

The boys love going to the festivals we drag them to. This was exciting because of the man on stilts who was making balloon animals and twirling a crochet circle "pizza"

Isaac loved his balloon dinosaur, and I was able to capture an impromptu game of peek a boo with the balloon. Ahhhh, all too soon he will be too big a boy for these games.

At the end of that morning...the best thing to do when it is sooooo hot is to find some shade and least that is Zay's idea of a good thing!

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Jane's Fabrics and Quilts said...

Oh what a fun day with the kids!!