Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Pay It Forward, and an amazing story from Aquila!

I just joined Pay It Forward. I was very curious when I saw this picture on so many other blogs. It took me awhile to find an open opportunity to join in this. A big thank you to Monica at Pink & Blue.

Now, here is how it works. Sometime in the next year, I will be the lucky recipient of a handmade surprise from Monica. Then I must "pay it forward" to three others by sending a handmade item to them in the next year. Who? will I send to. Well, this is up to you the readers!!!

The first 3 folks to sign up in the comments section will be my PIF (pay it forward) group. Each of you who signs up must then post to send to 3 others.

Be sure to leave me an email address for you if you do not have a link on your blog. Leave your email on the comment section or email me.
Also, if you did not yet hear the here about brave 98 year old woman found alive in the rumble of her home. When asked how she spent the time...she said...she was crocheting!!!


Jane's Fabrics and Quilts said...

I am in a PIF right now, but it will be fun to watch yours, good luck and have fun!

Angela said...

I would love to get involved in this. How do I go about doing so?