Friday, April 10, 2009

Happy Passover!

And there it is...that smell. I know it is Spring and time for Passover when Sho puts on that pot of delicious matzoh ball soup. She makes the best of anyone I know!!! Can you smell it....mmmmm.

Everyone enjoy your springtime...(those of you in the southern hemi...that would be autumn). As we celebrate Passover, Easter, and Spring. Be grateful for our freedoms, resurrections, and renewals, but also be mindful of those still looking to find their promised land.

Sending thoughts and prayers out to the earthquake survivors in L'Aquila Italy, the tornado survivors in the heartland of the US, and those in Oklahoma and Texas that will need to begin again as a result of devastating brushfires. And to all of those first responders on the scene helping...Thank You!

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