Monday, April 6, 2009

Oh, Scraps, Scraps, and more Scraps!

Sho & I have been working on trimming down our stash. We do lots of projects with kids and steam a seam and so we get some very odd shaped scraps along the way.

So there is now a grocery size bag of scraps that are smaller than charm squares, but could easily be used for some smaller project fun like fabric postcards, atc's, inchies, covering buttons, and applique. Even some would work for hexagons or yo-yo's.

I want to have these scraps go to someone who will love and use them. If you want them or know someone who does...please leave me a comment or email me!

UPDATE TO THIS POST: I have added a button here on my blogsite for information about donations to the Italian Red Cross. The button will tell you about their current actions on behalf of the victims of the devastating earthquake! For those of us living in earthquake country...our hearts, prayers, & thoughts are with the victims and first responders.


lesthook said...

I know a lady in Maine that is needing scraps badly for a quilt she wants to make for one of her 10 children! She would love to have them!

lesthook said...

I don't have a blog yet but you can reach me at