Saturday, April 4, 2009

Viva the Natural World!

Now that the weather has been dry and sunny here in the Bay we have settled into a great routine after the school/work day. We try to get outside every evening for some fresh air and exploration. I was inspired by the National Wildlife Federation's Green Hour website, and so we try to get outside at least an hour a day even on blustery or cold days.
Isaac and I were out at our favorite park in Oakland and walked up the spiral path to the top of a mound. As he was looking out over the bay and the boats he became very philosophical about the different birds flying above our heads. "What are they seeing up there, Baba?" and from there a whole list of possible things you could see if you could fly ensued.
Yesterday it was a little chilly due to high winds...well, out came the kite! For just a dollar at the dollar store we enjoyed a little flight time of our own. Thank goodness I bring craft stuff along...our kite string was not in the package and we became very sad until I realized that I had a ball of pearl cotton in my kit. So, we flew our kite high using #391 red pearl cotton. Crafters rule!
This weekend will also be filled with lots of fun outdoors. We pack a bag of clothing changes, a bag of snackies and drinks, and a bag of handwork. It is a good life!


Jane's Fabrics and Quilts said...

Oh kids are wonderful, have a wonderful weekend!!

Lurline said...

Oh, red Perle cotton comes in handy - nice to hear of your day outdoors!
Hugs - Lurline♥

jeanne leigh said...

Sounds so fun! We had a good weekend with our grandson, Noah! What joy they bring us, hey? I'll check out that website. Thanks:)